How Long Does A Balloon Arch Last With Air?

This is a photo of a custom designed classic balloon archway depicted in the GBF Bespoke Balloons and Event Services branding colors of Red Black and Silver featuring the GBF logo underneath a balloon archway archway.

Balloon arches are fun for kids and adults alike. They’re also useful in science experiments, and can even be used as an educational tool. But how long will a balloon arch last when filled with air? Does it need helium?

The life of a balloon arch depends on many factors

Depending on the different elements that the balloons of an arch are exposed to they normally last at least a couple of days when when kept inside at a constant temperature. Being exposed to the sun and direct sunlight can cause the balloons to expand, and if there is no room for the expansion they will pop or burst. As a result, even with a rooms temperature being held at a constant balloons will pop if the sunlight exposure causes enough heat and expansion. On the other hand, balloons that go from warm to cold experience a decrease in size due to the drop in temperature. However, unlike balloons that are experiencing an expansion due to heat, cold air doesn’t make balloons pop like heat does! How is that for a science lesson about the expansion of air and its effects on balloons?

Blame it on the elements!

Because there are so many factors such as the weather that affect the longevity of balloons we never guarantee that balloons will last for a certain amount of time. We do guarantee that your balloons will look great at time of delivery, installation, and or pick up. As a result for those that want their balloon designs and decorations to last for longer periods of time we offer refresh services. With our refresh services you let us know when your balloons need a touch up and we come and give them a little sprucing up. For simple installs we leave a few inflated balloons that can be used in case any of the others pop or need replacing.

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