Red balloons hovering over a calendar, with a pin on 'Let's Celebrate You' to denote GBF's event planning and service bookings.

Your Celebration Hub: Events and Dates at GBF Bespoke Balloons

Welcome to the heart of celebration and planning at GBF Bespoke Balloons & Event Services! Our all-encompassing calendar is your ultimate guide to discovering the vibrant array of events we’re involved in, as well as key dates that impact our boutique operations and service availability. From festive gatherings and community highlights to essential boutique information, everything you need is here, clearly marked for your convenience.

🌟 Discover Our Diverse Events and Services

See what’s next for GBF Bespoke Balloons & Events’ celebration services. We bring fun with our unique balloons, capture joy with our photo booth, offer sweet treats with cotton candy, and create memories with personalized keepsakes. Our events are designed to make every moment special. Don’t miss out—visit us on these special dates!

📅 All-in-One Calendar: Your Planning Companion

Our calendar is a vibrant guide to what’s happening at GBF Bespoke Balloons & Event Services, designed to give you a clear view of our schedule at a glance:

  • Events Participation (Marked in Teal): Discover local Waukesha events and celebrations our boutique will be adding a little magic to! 
  • Boutique Operational Updates (Marked in Red): Stay updated with any changes to our boutique operations, including days we’re closed or have altered hours due to off-site service delivery or special events.

This dual-color system ensures you can easily plan your visit or participation with us, keeping up to date with both our in-store events and any operational adjustments.

Planning Your Bespoke Balloon Boutique Visit or Event Inquiry

Before heading over to our boutique or if you’re considering our services for your event, take these steps to ensure the best experience:

  • Check Our Calendar: A great starting point to see if your preferred date is available.

Immediate Assistance:

  • Call Us: For immediate help or to confirm your plans, our store number is (262) 349-9067. Please note, calls are forwarded so we’re always just a jingle away.

Detailed Service Conversations:

  • Contact Form: For in-depth discussions and to receive brochures and detailed information. As a result, filling this out starts a centralized communication flow for your event planning with GBF Bespoke Balloons & Event Services.

Quick Questions & Availability Confirmation:

  • Chat Function: For convenience and immediate responses, use our chat function. As a result, it’s straightforward, quick, and connects us for real-time assistance.
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