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Big or Small We Decorate Them All!

Wisconsin Balloon Design and Decorating services by GBF Bespoke Balloons and Event Services makes decorating stress and worry free.  We offer our luxurious   balloon decorations for parties of all sizes! The only difference is how the balloons arrive! For most of our balloon design and decor projects we arrive with our balloons already assembled and ready to install. Why would we do this when we can build on site at an event? Everybody loves balloons, but they are noisy while being inflated and some pop. That is the nature of balloon decor. Its beautiful to look at, but a little loud to prepare. Therefore, we try to have our balloons already inflated and ready to go on arrival. Furthermore, this allows us to quickly and quietly provide you with beautiful balloon decor without being noticed.

Classic Balloon Decorations

Our classic balloon decor is the bedrock of our balloon design and decorating services. It’s from here that we get so many beautiful patterns and symmetrical designs. These classical decorations can be designed to coordinated with almost any party’s theme.  Using the same structures we can create an endless selection of beautiful classic decor items just by changing the balloons colors and arrangements. The three foundational decor items are

Classical balloon decorations are prized for the symmetrical shape and likeness of all the balloons used to create a piece. The balloons should all be the same shape and size.

This photograph depicts classic balloon decor and design patterns that can be created with three balloon colors. There are over 12 different patterns for classic balloon archways and columns. The patterns are in red, black, and white the branding colors of GBF Bespoke Balloons and Event Services. there are classic balloon decor patterns with twists, chevrons, color block, Fleur Des lis, color blocks and flower patterns for one to choose from
This photograph depicts a myriad of classic balloon decor patterns when two color balloons are being used. This guide depicts classic balloon decor with red and black balloons used to create the differing patterns. This is a pictograph of two color classic balloon decor by GBF Bespoken Balloons and Event Services

Organic Balloon Decor

Bubbly, wild, and out of control organic balloon decor is the complete opposite of classic balloon decor. Organic balloon decor is what has been making all the latest movie sets and reality television shows. Its trendy, beautiful, and bold decor! If you want to make a visual statement organic balloon decor is the way to go. Organic balloon decor is the perfect style for making a visual statement piece at your party or event.

This photo depicts an organic balloon display. The display includes an organic balloon demi archway in red black and white with a matching organic balloon column. There are also three helium filled bouquets. Each one has three staggered helium latex balloons coordinating with the other balloon decor in red, black, and white.

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