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Graduation and Balloons

                Graduation is a rite of passage celebrated across the globe. In the United States graduation is right at the end of spring and the start of summer. This is a beautiful time to be in Wisconsin. After a long frigid winter, the days have started to lengthen, and the wonderful colors of nature begin to appear all around. The growth and rebirth of spring is symbolic of the new beginning’s graduates will soon be experiencing as they exit a previous less mature stage of life for new beginnings and ventures.  At GBF Bespoke Balloons and Event Services we believe in celebrating all occasions in life but have a special focus when it comes to celebrating graduations.

                We make memory making picture perfect! Using your school colors and graduation theme we can help elevate your graduation to the next level of imagination. Starting at the driveway entrance, what better way to celebrate than by welcoming and greeting everyone to the day’s festivities than with a series of classic balloon arches spanning from one side of the driveway to the other while leading to the day’s grand entrance.

You’re not decorating on such a grand scale and that’s just as perfect, you too can have an arch. Our balloon arch can be adapted to fit your needs, indoor or out! That is correct we can make the perfect balloon arch for your graduation no matter where you are having it.

Our designs are completely customizable, we would love to show you all the variations available, just ask! One of the ways we can accomplish setting up our beautiful balloon arches outside over driveways and walkways is because we utilize professional equipment that has been designed and weighted to withstand the elements natural to our surrounding areas apart from natural disasters of course. On that same note, let us know when you find the tornado and hurricane proof balloon arch company as we would like to learn from their experience

                Now that we are inside and out of all that springtime Wisconsin wind and shenanigans, we can get back to planning your balloon décor for inside your graduation. Conveniently for me we are going right back to that balloon arch and the places it would look just wonderful for inside your venue! Wouldn’t it be just wonderful to be crossing that stage heading to that long waited for diploma to before finding your place among your classmates to find the most amazing balloon arch spanning from one side of the graduation stage to the other? Yes, we think so too! Add some floral designs to the archway and the only thing more magical could be a balloon wall spanning the entire stage and setting the backdrop to your school graduation.

                However, we may like to get a little carried away, but the outcome is always so magnificent and beautiful when one is decorating with balloon décor. My little secrete but despite all the efforts and time taken to make ensure each piece of balloon art looks absolutely its best to our abilities, my favorite part of an event is the striking or tearing down of a balloon installation. Each individual balloon making its own distinct noise from the air inside its confined walls fighting to break the sound barrier as it forces its way through nothing more than a pinhole. Exhilarating to say the least, and often people love joining in on the fun! Either way when it comes to graduations and balloon archways, we have you more than covered.

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