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Tippy Canoe The GBF Family Mascot

Collaborations and Weddings

     What is a collaboration and how do they effect the work we do at GBF Bespoke Balloons and Event Services? A simple definition of a collaboration is the coming together of one or more parties to achieve a common outcome. Although collaboration is not what one immediately thinks of when they start planning their wedding, the end results are due to just that; a collaboration of several people coming together to bring their visions into reality. Collaborations are the bedrock of the wedding and event industry.

     In addition to collaborating for weddings, GBF Bespoke Balloons and Event Services likes to participate in stylized photo shoots. By doing so we are awarded opportunities to travel, meet other vendors, and do what we love; create. Don’t get me wrong we all love weddings and the excitement they entail, but sometimes the change of pace is welcomed.

     Wisconsin and winter are a recipe for cold, but we persist! In December of 2021, the GBF crew along with Tippy Canoe packed the van and the photo booth, turned up the heat, and headed north for a day excursion to the beautiful Sepia Chapel in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Under the Coordination efforts of Kasey Kathleen of Kasey Kathleen Photography, we took part in a Bohemian Style Christmas Wedding Shoot.

     Under Kasey’s coordination efforts we had the pleasure of meeting so many great individuals. Tantalizing our senses of sight and smell was the amazing Julie Sieracki of The Flower Forge found in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. It was an absolute delight to work alongside Julie, her florals were the perfect accent to the day, we cannot wait to visit her at her shop one day!

     One cannot have a styled photo shoot without models which means there must be hair, makeup, and wardrobe! Circling back to collaborations, this is quite the amount of work going down Kasey. Teddi Jo Bratz, a hairstylist from Green Bay was an absolute pleasure to meet, and she did an amazing job styling the models hair for the day. Everyone looked lovely and not a lock out of place. The magic behind the brush and blush for the day went to make-up artist Kelsey Jo Healy. It is amazing the abilities and talent these two stars had working with each of the models in just a short period of time for this wonderful collaboration. Raw Golden Rentals and KandCoWeddings provided the models with the beautiful attire they are seen wearing throughout the photos!

     The final and last element necessary for a photo shoot? Some cameras and the ladies who operated them. Its was such a pleasure being able to watch each of the following women capturing the moments. Each uses their own unique individual styles. These unique and individual styles can be noted as one peruses their wonderful websites filled with portfolios, collections, investments, and more. It was our pleasure to work with Emily Stonelake Photography, Ashlee Bree, Lori Renee, Kasey Kathleen and Miller Highlights. As you navigate through Ashley Bree’s website you can see some of our favorite photos of the day as well! This was an amazing group of vendors we had the pleasure of collaborating with, hopefully, we all have an opportunity to do it again over a wedding next time. Thank you for taking you time to read our blog about collaborations and weddings, stay safe!

p.s we brought the Bespoke Beauty Mirror Photo Booth and created a demi-arch. We know its like carrying a watermelon, but we do it well ;~).

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