Unicorn Stuffed Balloon

Have you ever had a gift in a balloon? Our unicorn themed stuffed balloon is the perfect way to make a birthday unforgettable. Not only will your gift be unique, but it’s so fun to pop too!  Perfect for  all your favorite young people!


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Our Unicorn Stuffed Balloon will definitely bring smiles for miles and memories that last.  We take a gigantic 18′ stuffing balloon, twist up a magical unicorn horn, and fill the balloon with whatever wonderful gift you chose  or maybe just a personalized note showing you care.  Everyone knows that Unicorns sparkle and this unicorn stuffed balloon is no different. We make sure each Unicorn has the perfect amount of sparkle just for you! This is available for delivery throughout all of Southeast Wisconsin. However, if you would like us to place your items in the balloon for you, you must drop them off at our retail location in Waukesha.

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 in


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