Designers Choice 11″ Helium Filled Balloon

Make your celebration extra special with our designer’s choice 11″ helium balloons!

These colorful and lightweight balloons will add a festive touch to any foil balloon. Furthermore, helium balloons are perfect for

  • birthdays,
  • weddings,
  • graduations
  • retirement parties
  • baby announcements
  • any occasion that calls for a little extra fun.

Just choose your favorite foil balloon and the number of 11-inch balloons you would like in your bouquet, and we design the rest!


Our Designer’s Choice 11″ helium-filled balloons are a must-have for any party or special event. These high-quality balloons are made from durable latex and come in a range of vibrant colors to suit any theme or occasion. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, wedding, graduation, or just want to add some color to your space, our helium balloons are a perfect choice.

Each balloon is designed to float effortlessly with helium and Hi-Float, giving your bouquet an extra touch of magic. Hi-Float increases the float time of helium balloons from hours to days. You will be amazed by how long they last!

So why wait? Add some fun and excitement to your next celebration with our designer’s choice 11″ helium-filled balloons! These 11″ balloons are great additions to our Build a Balloon Bouquet. Choose your favorite foil balloon and then select as many 11″ balloons you would like added to your bouquet. We will choose the perfect assortment of latex balloons to coordinate with the foil balloon of your choice!

To learn more about our balloon bouquet delivery services, head over to our dedicated page at Southeast Wisconsin Balloon Bouquet Delivery. We offer a wide selection of balloons in various colors and designs, perfect for any occasion. Don’t miss out on the chance to bring a smile to someone’s face with our balloon bouquet delivery service. Order now!”

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions24 × 36 × 24 in


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