This picture shows several containers of cotton candy in several flavors. Blue raspberry blue, pineapple yellow, and bubblegum pink.

Cotton Candy Services For Adults – The Ultimate Party Experience

Cotton Candy machines and services from GBF Bespoke Balloons and Event Services help create great party favors that will keep guests coming back for more! The nostalgia of cotton candy is fun for kids and adults alike. That’s why we are bringing cotton candy and its sweet fluffy wonderfulness to Historic Downtown Waukesha Wisconsin.

Choose from our wide variety of flavors.

Choose from our wide variety of flavors.

We offer a wide variety of flavors such as bubble gum, blue raspberry, peppermint, and more. Do you have a favorite flavor? With a little bit of time and planning, we can special order your favorite flavor just as well. Our Cotton Candy Machine Services are designed to be used at home parties, weddings, festivals, fairs, and other events where people want to enjoy delicious treats without having to leave the party. The machines come complete with an on-site attendant and all the supplies necessary for everyone to love their fluffy sweet candy floss. Our services are so simple and easy to use. You simply call us, we get the details, and ensure your event runs smoothly. We love making sure all the details are custom-made to your own liking; bespoke, it’s in our name!

We have a variety of sizes and styles available.

We sell cotton candy for all size orders. Are you looking for a single serving? We have the perfect selection of single and double servings available in our balloon boutique for your convenience. If you need a large quantity of cotton candy, we also offer bulk orders. Contact us today to learn more about large-quantity pricing! Bulk orders are also great for holiday parties and fundraising events

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