This picture shows a lady at a fair enjoying some Light Fluffy Pink Bubblegum Cotton Candy

Fluffy Sweet Cotton Candy in Waukesha

How wonderful is that! Starting on Tuesday November 22, 2022 GBF Bespoke Balloons and Event Services will begin offering cotton candy services in their Downtown Waukesha Balloon Boutique located at 805 Clinton Street, just two doors down from Taylor’s People’s Park. In addition to offering cotton candy services, there will be a select variety of cotton candy flavors available to buy in store that don’t need to be per-ordered.

What are cotton candy services?

Our cotton candy services can be customized to your needs.  With timing and planning we can order any flavor you would like.

Are you planning a party or hosting an event? Those are perfect times for the light fluffy nostalgic cotton candy candy everyone loves! We can bring our cotton candy cart and spin candy right at your event! How awesome would that be at a sweet 16 birthday party or maybe offer it as a part of  a dessert station at the holiday party.

However not everyone wants the the in-person experience of having cotton candy being spun at their event, but they still love the idea of offering the wonderful candy to their guests.  We can fulfill those requests.  With a little time and planning we can get all the details and prepare your order just as you want it, and either we deliver it or have it ready for you to pick up, just as planned.

These wonderful little packages of sweetness  are the perfect accent to creating a memorable gift when thanking all those clients and guests over the year!  So the next time you are looking for the perfect solution for your party or event, give us a call and lets talk cotton candy!

Cotton Candy Fundraisers

Are you part of an educational organization or a non-profit? We have the perfect opportunity for you to make up to a 45% return on your next fundraiser with our sweet and delicious cotton candy fundraising! Bespoke is the name and custom is our game, that applies to our fundraisers too! Have your next fundraiser be  completely customized to match your organizations needs.  Call today and start planning your next event today.

This picture shows a lady at a fair enjoying some Light Fluffy Pink Bubblegum Cotton Candy

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