Enjoy 2-Hour Photo Booth Fun with Friends and Family!

Bespoke Beauty Mirror Photo Booth set up at Copper Bell Speakeasy in Burnett, Wisconsin. Models are wearing wedding attire

               Did you know that the average photo booth company wants a three to four hour contract for service before they will commit to any type of event? At GBF Bespoke Balloons and Event Services we start our photo booth services with only a two-hour commitment.  Why do we do that? Because that is all that one needs to have the same wonderful experience as anybody else.  

                By using industry leading equipment and technology we ensure a quality product for every customer or guest. The photo booth equipment that GBF Bespoke Balloons and Event Services uses creates high resolution photographs using DLSR camera technology. Our professional printing allows for on-site printing of up to 290 gallery quality photographs in one hour! Multiply that by two small hours for a wedding, grand opening, or celebratory anniversary party and you may have close to 600 photographs of your wonderful guests!

                There are a couple catches. We need some time to set up before your event begins. This allows us to dedicate the entire two hours to helping you get great photographs of all those amazing smiles during your time. Too when extra time isn’t accounted for, we end at our scheduled time, but when it is we can keep the party going well past closing time with people smiling, posing, and feeling like rockstars under the flashing camera lights!

                We also need time to ensure you have the perfect overlay to compliment the day. Without having at least three days to prepare for a custom overlay or design we may have to use a more standard or basic photo overlay at your event. How boring would that be? However, when we have at least three days a more personalized and custom photo overlay can be designed specifically for your event.

                Okay, so now you know the few catches we have before supplying the perfect two-hour photo booth package for your next special occasion or grand event. Not too bad, right? We didn’t think so either. For the most complete information about our two-hour photo booth packages please fill out our contact form or call to speak to one of our planning specialist today. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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