Gender Reveal Surprise Balloon

Add an element of surprise and excitement to your gender reveal party with our enchanting Gender Reveal Balloon. A balloon within a balloon, it unveils the baby’s gender in a burst of color, creating an unforgettable moment for all.


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Create an extraordinary surprise at your gender reveal party with our innovative and stylish Gender Reveal Balloon. This unique product is essentially a balloon within a balloon, with the inner balloon carrying the secret – the gender of your upcoming joy.

Crafted with high-quality, non-toxic materials, the outer balloon is a large, clear sphere that allows a sneak peek of the concealed, colored balloon within. At the moment of truth, pop the outer balloon to release a vibrant burst of pink or blue, announcing the baby’s gender in a most delightful and memorable way.

The inner balloon is filled with safe, eco-friendly confetti that floats beautifully in the air before settling down, leaving your guests in awe and capturing the perfect snapshot for your baby album. This gender reveal balloon ensures a dramatic reveal, creating a heartwarming moment of joy, surprise, and celebration for everyone present.

Simple to use, it’s not only a fun way to share the news of your baby’s gender, but it also adds a touch of magic and festivity to your party décor.

Our Gender Reveal Balloon makes your special moment even more thrilling and unforgettable. It’s a fun and festive way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of your little one, ensuring your gender reveal party will be remembered for years to come.”

Remember, always prioritize safety when popping the balloon and ensure it’s done in an open area, away from the faces of the guests, especially children.

Please call us at (414) 659-7096 and let us know the baby’s gender or leave it in your order notes.

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Dimensions36 × 36 × 36 in


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