Bespoke Balloons, it’s who we are!

Bespoke, custom, and made to order that is what we are all about at GBF Bespoke Balloons and Event Services. We are your entertainment and balloon specialist!

Bespoke, Custom, and Made to Order

If you see those words on the window you have found GBF Bespoke Balloons and Event Services Balloon Boutique and Event Planning Center aka Bespoke Balloons!

We are located at 805 Clinton Street in historic Downtown Waukesha Wisconsin, 53186.

This picture shows the front window of GBF Bespoke and Event Services. Bespoke Custom and Made to order are on the window in vinyl. Inside the store you can see red and white balloon decorations .

Parking for Bespoke Balloons

For your convenience you can find public parking on Main or South Streets in Downtown Waukesha. You may also use any of this city parking lots. We can validate parking for either of the city of Waukesha indoor parking structures. For more information about parking please visit maps and parking page of Downtown Waukesha

We Offer Curbside Pickup

If you call or order online with the Bespoke Balloon Boutique we can bring your order out to you! Although we don’t have parking in front, if you place your order beforehand we can bring it out once you arrive. Just call the store at (262) 349-9067 and we will bring your order right to you! 

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