Elegant bridesmaids with bespoke GBF balloon decorations at Mad City Bridal Expo.

Discover the Enchantment of GBF Balloons at Madison’s Premier Bridal Expo

Elegant bridesmaids with bespoke GBF balloon decorations at Mad City Bridal Expo.

Step into a World of Wedding Wonders with GBF Bespoke Balloons at the Mad City Bridal Expo:

This Sunday, the Doubletree by Hilton in Madison becomes a gateway to the wedding of your dreams, and GBF Bespoke Balloons and Event Services is at the heart of it. Join us at the Mad City Bridal Expo for an immersive experience that brings our signature sparkle to your special day.

Capturing Moments with GBF's Interactive Beauty Mirror Photo Booth:

Pose, click, and cherish the memories with our interactive beauty mirror photo booth. Discover how this elegant feature can become the highlight of your wedding, offering guests a unique blend of entertainment and keepsakes. Click here to learn more about our luxurious photo booth services.

Elevate Your Wedding with GBF's Custom Balloon Decor:

Visualize a venue transformed by the artistry of GBF’s bespoke balloon decor. Our designs do more than decorate; they narrate your love story through color, texture, and the boundless possibilities of balloon artistry. Learn all about having the perfect balloon decoration for your wedding here. 

Savor the Sweetness: Cotton Candy Delights at GBF's Bridal Showcase:

Delight in the whimsical charm of our cotton candy samples at the Expo. Let each fluffy bite transport you to moments that your wedding guests can enjoy, crafting memories as sweet as your union. Visit our cotton candy page and learn more about having cotton candy at your wedding! 

Ready to Elevate Your Celebration? Meet GBF Bespoke Balloons at the Bridal Expo:

The journey to an unforgettable wedding day is filled with joy, creativity, and a touch of GBF magic. We invite you to visit our booth this Sunday from 11:30 AM- 3:00 PM at the Madison Doubletree by Hilton. Located at 4402 East Washington Avenu come see how we can tailor our services to your vision. Let’s make your wedding not just an event, but a masterpiece of memories.

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