Milwaukee skyline with the Milwaukee Art Museum and city buildings on a sunny day.

Wisconsin on Rails! New Train Connects Major Cities

Celebrate Wisconsin in Style!

New Train Connects Chicago to Minneapolis with Stops in All Your Favorite Places

Milwaukee skyline with the Milwaukee Art Museum and city buildings on a sunny day.

Calling all Wisconsinites and travel enthusiasts! There’s a brand new way to explore the beauty of our state – and it’s perfect for an unforgettable event!

Governor Evers recently announced the launch of the Borealis trains, the first new passenger rail service in Wisconsin over 20 years. This exciting development connects Chicago, Milwaukee, Tomah, La Crosse, the Wisconsin Dells, and all the way to St. Paul, Minnesota. Read all about Governor Evers’ press release (here).

Imagine this: you and your loved ones can embark on a scenic journey through Wisconsin’s heartland, taking in the breathtaking landscapes and charming towns along the way. No more traffic jams or stressful driving! The Borealis offers a comfortable, relaxing, and eco-friendly way to travel.

Why GBF Bespoke Balloons & Event Services is Celebrating

The Borealis opens doors for unique event experiences, directly contributing to the thriving Wisconsin tourism industry we championed in yesterday’s blog post linked in this sentence. Host an event with stops in different cities along the route, allowing your guests to explore each location. Imagine a multi-city scavenger hunt, pub crawl, or progressive dinner – the possibilities are endless!

Unforgettable Event Experiences

  • Unlock Unique Multi-City Events: The Borealis opens doors for innovative and unforgettable event experiences. Imagine hosting an event with stops in different cities along the route, allowing your guests to explore each location and create lasting memories.
  • Seamless Multi-City Events: Say goodbye to logistical headaches! The Borealis eliminates the hassle of coordinating transportation between cities, allowing you to focus on creating a seamless and memorable event for your guests.
  • Enhanced Guest Experience: Let your guests relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery while the train whisks them away between destinations. The Borealis features a cafe car offering a selection of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and beverage options throughout your trip, ensuring everyone stays comfortable and satisfied.
  • Supporting Wisconsin Tourism: By choosing the Borealis, you’re not just creating a memorable event, you’re also contributing to Wisconsin tourism. The train brings more visitors to explore our state’s hidden gems, including the breathtaking Wisconsin Dells.

Whether you’re planning a corporate retreat, a family reunion, or a bachelor/bachelorette party, the Borealis train offers a unique way to travel through Wisconsin and experience multiple cities, all while supporting Wisconsin tourism.

Let's Create Lasting Memories Together!

At GBF Bespoke Balloons & Event Services, we’re excited to help you create magical event experiences that take advantage of this new travel option. Contact us today to brainstorm ideas and make your next Wisconsin adventure truly unforgettable!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the Amtrak website for more information on the Borealis route, schedule, and service. Let’s celebrate Wisconsin and create lasting memories together!

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