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Engaged on Valentine’s Day

 Did you get engaged on Valentine’s Day? Being the month of love everyone has decorated their spaces in shades of red, white, and pink in preparation for the holiday of love. Valentine’s Day is February 14th so it’s easy to understand why February is the month of love! With all the love and happiness in the air Valentine’s day is the perfect time to be engaged.

Were You Engaged On Valentine's Day?

Congratulations on your Valentine’s day engagement. We can’t wait to learn more about it. Being engaged is exciting in itself and with that excitement comes so many questions. Your family and friends will wants to learn about your proposal and wedding plans. Its truly a special and wonderful time.   At GBF Bespoke Balloons and Event Services we help plan amazing weddings with our fun and entertaining services that are fully personalized to your needs.

Wedding Planning Apps

One of the most beneficial tools to an engaged couple is a wedding planning app. By using an wedding planning app couples can keep track of all of the wedding expenses in one place. Many offer personalized websites for couples to use as well. You can find GBF Bespoke Balloons and Event Services on both the Knot and Wedding Wire. Make sure to send us a message! Although wedding apps are great it is still a great idea to check out your vendors websites and social media pages.

Cotton Candy and Photo Booth Services

Our cotton candy cart is the perfect addition to your wedding.  We offer a vast selection of traditional and organic cotton candy flavors for you to choose from., and everyone loves it! With our custom cotton candy services you can either have us spin cotton candy live at your wedding or we can create the perfect size order to accommodate your guests. We can even create special labels, just for you! To learn all about our cotton candy services please visit Wisconsin Cotton Candy Services.

In addition, we offer amazing photo booth services. Everyone loves interacting with the Beauty Mirror Photo Booth. In addition to taking beautiful photographs, it offers all of the newest capabilities such as adding filters, screen signatures, gif creation and so much more. Your guest will love thier photo booth experience and have beautiful keepsakes to remember your day by. We offer on site printing of amazing high resolution photographs both 4×6 and traditional photo strips. After your wedding, you will  receive a flash drive copy of all photos taken by the booth. This includes original photos raw photographs and the finished photograph after an overlay has been added. Visit Wisconsin Photo Booth Rental Services to book your date today!

Wedding Balloon Decor

Although one traditionally thinks of flowers for wedding decorations, balloons are also perfect for transforming a wedding venue. They come in a variety of colors and sizes that can compliment any color scheme and they make a huge visual impact. What is not to love? With proper planning we can transform any space to be unforgettable with our wedding balloon decor. To learn all about our luxurious balloon decor services visit Wisconsin Balloon Design and Decorating Services

This is a beautiful organic balloon archway in lavender with daises in the design. There are flowers symmetrically throughout the organic balloon garland. This was made to coordinate with a baby shower and wildflower theme.

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