Grab & Go Balloon Garlands are perfect for celebrating at home!

This photograph depicts a grab & go balloon garland that has been attached to a banister. The balloons are in a bright assortment of blue and fuchsia with accenting yellow heart balloons to create a beautiful organic balloon garland.

Grab and Go Balloon Garlands are the perfect accent piece for any celebration.

Grab and Go Garlands make such a huge impact

Grab & go garlands are so easy to install once you get home, you will love how quickly and easily your space is transformed. With just two long twisting balloons that we supply you with you can anchor your balloon garland wherever you want. It’s so easy and the effects are immediate. You will love how easy your decorating has become.

Organic or Classic Balloon Designs

We offer both organic and classic balloon garlands, both are beautiful! However balloon garlands tend to look fancier when made with an organic balloon design. Organic balloon garlands are made from balloons of several different sizes and colors. Giving the final look a beautiful bubbly wow factor that everyone loves. However, one must still appreciate the symmetry and likeness that is exhibited in classic balloon garlands. When made properly all the balloons look exactly the same when made with a classic balloon design.

We offer traditional or curbside pick up.

We offer both traditional and curbside pick-up at our Waukesha Boutique. If you prefer curbside pick-up, just give us a call once you arrive outside, and we will come out to help you load your balloon garland. Keep in mind you need to have a space as they are rather large at five feet long.

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