Let Our Balloon Boutique Take Your Event to the Next Level

This is a picture of the lobby of GBF Bespoke Balloons and Event Services Bespoke Balloon Boutique and Event Planning Center. This picture shows the beauty mirror photo booth across from a Hollywood style backdrop. Next to the backdrop is a organic balloon demi archway, a balloon column, and sound hanging balloon decor in the colors of red and black to match the Hollywood backdrop and theme.

Celebrate any occasion in style with GBF Bespoke Balloons and Event Services’ Bespoke Balloon Boutique for your next event. We offer an array of eye-catching balloon designs to accentuate your special occasion in a grand way.

Personalized Balloon Arches Just for You

From our Bespoke Balloon Boutique we offer custom-made balloon arches. Our bespoke balloon arched are the perfect balloon decoration to highlight and create a unique and stylish look for your party. Whether you want to make a statement or stand out in style, our artistic designs and vibrant colors will take your occasion to the next level!

This photo depicts a small balloon archway by Bespoke Balloons that measures 21'. The balloons are in a classic pattern using blue, gold, and white to match the store branding of Walmart.
This photograph depicts a 30 foot classic balloon archway in all red balloons. The balloons are all symmetrical and filled to the same size. The photograph is taken outside and the GBF Bespoke Balloons and Event Services delivery vehicle is parked under the archway to accent the grand size of the balloon archway

The Perfect Centerpieces and Ceiling Decorations

Our Bespoke Balloon Boutique provides a wide selection of table centerpieces, bouquets, sculptures, and other decorations to complete the look of your event. Showcase your company’s logo on a custom-made foil centerpiece or have it designed into a beautiful balloon wall. We use only the highest quality materials and colors to ensure that your balloon decorations add life to any occasion!

The perfect decoration for a Valentines day dance. This centerpiece has clusters of red and white balloons making ups the base with a red heart foil I love you balloon on the top for the perfect balloon centerpiece.
This picture shows ceiling balloon decor in gold silver and white with a giant clear balloon steaming from the middle of the colored balloons. The colored balloons are in groups of four and each group gets smaller as they near the large clear center balloon.

Say Hello with Balloon Columns and Walls

Our Waukesha Balloon Boutique can help you make a statement when it comes to greeting your guests. Allow us to create amazing balloon walls and columns that will impress your guests as they enter the venue. We provide classic and organic balloon designs that are both beautiful and memorable. We take great pride in ensuring your decor will be perfect for your event! 

This picture shows balloons decorations and a beauty mirror photo booth by GBF Bespoke Balloons and Event Services. The balloons are red, black, and white. There is an organic half balloons archway and a beautiful balloon column that matches with a giant 3' red balloon atop the column.
this is a galaxy themed organic balloon wall in navy blue, purple and silver with metallic blue accents

Start planning early

Planning an event takes time and effort. The sooner one starts planning for their party, the easier it is to ensure quality end results; a phenomenal party with flawless execution. We strive to create the events our customers enjoy and take great pride in our results.

For the best possible service start your planning as early as possible. For your convenience, we do offer a planning center in our bespoke balloon boutique. We are located in the heart of Downtown Waukesha Wisconsin at 805 Clinton Street, 53186. Just two doors down from Taylor’s People Park! If you prefer electronic communication please consider filling out our contact form.  We can also be reached by phone at (262) 349-9067. Call or visit today and make decorating your next party easy, we can’t wait to see your smiling faces. 


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