Personalized Balloons and Bouquets

          At GBF Bespoke Balloons and Event Services, Bespoke Balloon Boutique, we do more than just create and deliver balloon bouquets.  With a little bit of time and planning we can create personalized balloons and bouquets to be delivered throughout Southeast Wisconsin .

Balloons Personalized with vinyl

          One of the ways balloons can be personalized is by adding vinyl lettering. By using our Cricut die cutting machine we cut your message out of vinyl sheets. We then take the vinyl sticker and add it directly to a beautiful foil balloon that is eighteen inches or larger. Unfortunately due to the weight of the vinyl lettering, we can’t add the bespoke messages to smaller balloons, they don’t have enough helium to support the weight added by the vinyl lettering.

Custom Printed Photograph Balloons

          A neat way of personalizing a balloon bouquet is through the magic of printing. By sending a photo and any necessary releases for copyrighted materials, we can print your photo directly on a foil balloon. How amazing is that a balloon personalized with any magical or special photo you want directly on the balloon! This is a game changer. How more personalized or custom can a balloon be than one with a photo on it? Not only are these balloons wonderful because they can be personalized with memorable moments that have been captured by photography, but they also make great decorations at events in honor of someone like graduations and retirement ceremonies! Just imagine walking into your graduation ceremony to see a collection of your most memorable moments attached to the perfect assortment of a helium filled balloon bouquet. How memorable would that be?

Custom Order Screen Printed Balloons

          Do you need more that a few custom balloons? Maybe you want your brand to make a lasting impression by displaying your logo on balloons at your next trade show or convention. Through the magic of screen printing, we can have your logo and other small messages added directly to the balloons. Adding hi-float will extend the helium in quality balloons well over a week, which would definitely seem to leave a lasting impression. Our screen-printed balloons can be custom ordered to meet the needs and requirements of your company’s unique brand. Call today for more information about ordering screen printed balloons. Unlike our other methods of creating personalized balloons, our screen-printed balloons are ordered directly from a manufacturer and require a little more time to process. This extra time is to ensure that your design is perfect before proceeding with the manufacturing process of your custom screen print balloons.

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